Business Studies

Our aim

Business Studies class at Christleton High School

Our aim is to broaden the knowledge and understanding of students of the business world and to develop within them an appreciation of the influences and constraints within which businesses work.

By acquiring an understanding of these issues and considering them in a national and international context, students will be able to develop their own values and standards. This will better prepare them for the workplace and help them to make informed choices about their future careers.

As a department we offer Business Studies and Economics at GCSE and A-Level. The subjects are very popular options with a larger portion of students choosing one of the subjects at GCSE and AS level. Business and Economics related courses are also one of the most popular degree courses for students from the school.

The department arranges trips to Chester Zoo, Manchester United and Cadbury’s World.

All students can expect a variety of activities, including independent learning. As a department we also emphasise applying knowledge to current affairs and real-life businesses.

Subject information

"Entrepreneurs are not born, they are made!" - Peter Jones

Business Studies provides students with insight into the operation of both small and large enterprises. Both the GCSE and A-Level courses introduce students to the challenges and issues of starting a business, including financial planning.

They then explore the key internal functions of business and how the management of these functions can assist in improving the effectiveness and performance of a business.


All Year 9 students have the option of choosing Enterprise course which follows the BTEC First in Business Enterprise. This course requires students to complete a portfolio of assignments that can lead to an Entry Level qualification.

During this course students understand the characteristics and skills of successful entrepreneurs, which provides a useful platform of knowledge of students to progress onto either the GCSE or BTEC Business course.


We offer two different courses for Years 10 and 11. GSCE Business studies follows the Edexcel syllabus and introduces students to the theory of starting a business and seeing that business grow to become a multinational corporation. Students will undertake two external examinations and a controlled assessment.

The alternative is a BTEC qualification in Business and whilst this covers many of the aspects of the GCSE course, it is designed to appeal to students who prefer a more investigative, individual approach to their studies and is assessed by 30% external online assessments and 70% internally assessed portfolio.


This course offers a practical approach to learning and one through which students will be encouraged to develop their initiative. Students will find business studies to be a relevant and rewarding subject, which will teach them the day-to-day practices of businesses, along with the study of the strategies business managers and owners use to succeed in an increasingly competitive market.

Business studies is a problem solving subject so the focus of the course revolves around solving business problems and making business decisions.

On the AS level (Year 1) you will study:

On the A2 level (Year 2) you will study:

Year 2 includes a self-research theme partly completed outside of class in students own time. Perfect for budding entrepreneurs and apprentices.

Studying Business Studies at AS/A2 level does not require students to have studied the subject at GCSE level - in teaching the course we assume no prior knowledge, however all students undertaking Business Studies must be adept in Mathematics.

For both GCSE and AS/A level Business Studies you will be assessed by written examinations.

AS/A level in Business Studies can be used in a wide variety of career areas, including business, industry and commerce, banking, insurance, public services, accountancy and finance, marketing, sales and human resource management. Specialist careers advice will be available from our Career's Advisor throughout your course.

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