What is Law A Level about?

Law class at Christleton High School

We focus on the Law as it is in England and Wales. In Year 12 we look at where our laws come from, who makes them, and how they are made. We look at the key players in the legal profession (solicitors and barristers) and at the roles of judges, juries and magistrates.

We get to know the basics of how Criminal Law operates and also look at the Tort of Negligence. We learn some key Offences Against the Person and learn to apply them to some case study scenarios.

Is there any coursework?

No - there are 2 exam papers, of 1½ hours duration each, at the end of Year 12. The final two papers, 1½ hour criminal law paper and a 2 hour paper including synoptic questions are sat at the end of Year 13.

I’ve heard that Law is a really difficult subject. Is that true?

Law class at Christleton High School

Whilst Law offers learners a challenge, happily the skills which you require for success on the first paper are those which you will already have acquired at GCSE, with questions usually divided into 'describing' (e.g. 'describe the role of magistrates') and evaluating (e.g. discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using magistrates').

The second paper does ask you to do some things which you will never have done before, namely applying what you have learned about Criminal Law to a problem question scenario, e.g. to identify which offences a defendant may be guilty of. This is certainly the most challenging aspect of Law A Level, but it also happens to be the bit which every student tells us they enjoy the best! This is probably because it is a little like solving a puzzle, and it is satisfying to see all the different pieces falling into place.

What are the minimum grades required at GCSE to take Law in the Sixth Form?

We require a minimum of 5 A-C grades at GCSE, including a B grade in English. The ability to write with clarity and detail is key to success in Law.

I’m interested in taking Law but I would like to talk to someone about it. Who should I talk to?

Please email Mr Cumberford with any enquiries