Politics class at Christleton High School

Politics is boring and irrelevant! So many people think this, but it is just not true.

Do you want to go to university? Can you afford it?

What type of job do you want?

How much tax should you pay?

At what age should people be allowed to drive?

Should you pay for prescriptions?

Should hospital treatment be free?

Politics class at Christleton High School

Politics is not just about government and voting - it encompasses so many aspects of everyday life.

If you are interested in finding out more about how the world works, then Government and Politics is for you. You will study UK government, political parties, elections, current affairs and much more in Year 12.

In Year 13, the focus moves to America and their political system. We run a trip to Parliament each year and there is usually a trip abroad.

This course will appeal to you if you:

Government and Politics is complementary to a number of other A level subjects such as History, Law, Business Studies, Economics and Psychology, and provides a good foundation for numerous university courses.