Psychology & Sociology

What is Psychology?

Psychology - ‘the science of human behaviour.’

The subject of Psychology is based around different explanations of behaviour which draw attention to a variety of factors in their analysis.

For instance, the psychoanalytical approach pioneered by Sigmund Freud suggests that there are unconscious reasonse for the things people do. Other psychologists have attempted to prove their theories by conducting experiments and carefully measuring and analysing the things they observe.

There is a biological aspect to Psychology. We study how what happens to us in our world affects our bodies. In A Level Psychology, we look closely at the biology of sleep and stress. Explanations of mental illnesses are called psychopathology. We examine the process of defining someone as mentally ill, and study disorders such as anorexia nervosa and schizophrenia.

Studying A Level Psychology can help you to understand other people more, and even give you a bit of insight into who you are.

What is Sociology?

Sociology - ‘the study of the way that people live in groups.’

Sociology involves a critical awareness of social life. Nothing is taken for granted and anything is open to question. As a student of Sociology, you will look critically at areas of social life such as education, family, and the mass media which you experience every day.

A sociologist is concerned with studying aspects of identity. What makes us feel similar to some people and different from others? We explore the things that make us who we are such as gender, ethnicity and social class.

Society in the 21st century is undergoing a significant transformation in terms of technology, leisure, work and family life. Sociologists are concerned with studying the effects of these changes on people.

We also analyse the way sociologists explain burning social issues such as: whether it is acceptable to have social exclusion and inequality in a modern society; and, who commits crime, and why?

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