Religious Education

Religious Education class at Christleton High School

Religious Education is taught in a self-contained suite of 4 classrooms, one being a sixth form seminar room. Each classroom has an interactive whiteboard and the classroom doors are ‘themed’ for different religions.

Religious Education follows the Cheshire Agreed Syllabus and pupils ‘Encounter’ and ‘Respond’ to religion.

In Year 7 students are introduced briefly to all the religions that they will study at Christleton and then they investigate in depth the History of Judaism and Judaism today, followed by the religion of Islam.

In Year 8 they follow up on their visit to the gurdwara by learning about Sikhism, following which they focus on the life of Jesus. Year 9 students start with Hinduism and then investigate the existence of God, sexism, racism and beliefs and teachings across different religions.

Religious Education class at Christleton High School

In KS3 students enjoy trips to a variety of places of worship including a synagogue, gurdwara, mosque. KS4 GCSE students will typically visit a local church and Chester Zoo. KS5 students go on a trip to Liverpool Crown Court to watch a trial as part of their work on Ethics and crime and punishment.

All students in KS4 study Core Religious Education, focusing on social and moral issues from the viewpoint of Christianity and Islam, as well as a topic on Buddhism and atheism and science. Religious Studies is a popular option at GCSE and A level.

Typically there are 3 option groups at GCSE in each year group and 2 at A level in both years. Students in year 11 in 2016-2017 follow the AQA GCSE Specification B, Unit 2 on Religion and Life Issues, and Unit 3 Religion and Morality, studying ethical issues such as abortion or drugs or environmental ethics.

At A Level students in year 13 in 2016-2017 follow the AQA specification for Religious Studies, teaching Religion and Ethics in Year 12 and Philosophy and Religion in Year 13 (Units A, B, 3B and 4A Topic II).

The new specifications in RS start from September 2016 for new year 10s and new year 12s.

The new GCSE course will be the AQA Specification A, with Christianity and Islam studied in Component 1 and Religious and Ethical studies covered in Component 2.

The new A level will be the Eduqas specification with Christianity being the religion studied in Component 1, Philosophy of Religion studied in Component 2 and Religion and Ethics studied in Component 3.

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