As a result of positive student feedback, and our own wish to track your continuing progress, we are in the process of creating the Alumni, a platform on which you can celebrate your achievements and promote and share your future successes. Please take this opportunity to register your details and provide any constructive input as to what would make being part of the Alumni work for you. How best you would like to access it? Which types of communication would you prefer and how frequently would you like to be contacted? What sort of meetings or gatherings would you find of most interest?

By making better use of your experience, we can aid our current and future students in their planning and decision-making about the many different routes into further education and employment. We would highly value your personal insights into the varied education and workplace environments in which you study and work.

In the future, we hope that you will be able to support our Pathway programmes, by delivering relevant information and insights, and by becoming sources of work placements and internships. The Alumni will help maintain and promote your own professional and social networks with fellow students, online and through face-to-face events and gatherings.

To start the process, we’d like to record your contact details and would appreciate you supplying the information below. You can complete and return this form to Michelle Cayeux via the school office, or e-mail your input to Help us make the best of Christleton and take it to the next level.

Download Y13 Alumni Registration Form