Dress Code

All Students should be clean, smart and dressed appropriately for an educational and work environment.

Item Permitted Prohibited
Head, Face & Hair Clean, smart, and smiling!
  • Hats/baseball caps
  • Facial piercing
  • Outrageous hairstyles
All Clothing Clean, smart, and tidy clothes
  • Sportswear, camouflage, combat gear, and tracksuit tops
  • Frays, rips & graffiti
  • Outrageous clothing
  • Full-length tops that cover the shoulders
  • Shirts for males should have a collar
  • Exposed chest, shoulders, and midriff
  • Denim jackets & tops
  • Large logos or slogans (including ‘offensive’ anagrams)
Trousers & Skirts
  • Plain,full-length trousers
  • Reasonable length skirts
  • Clean, smart denim
  • Shorts, cropped trousers, tracksuit & jogging bottoms
  • Very short skirts
Trousers & Skirts Plain, smart, & unobtrusive Anything inappropriate to conditions (e.g. sandals/high heels in laboratories)

Students should be seen as clean and smart so that the right standards are set for the rest of the school.

In areas of potential uncertainty (e.g. what constitutes ‘outrageous’ clothing or hairstyle) students should check beforehand. Ultimately, the decision of the school is final.