Christleton High School Students

Advice for Parents/Carers

(Posted on 23/03/20)

So, with school closure and social distancing, many of us will be spending a lot of time at home with our families, trying to juggle working from home, ensuring our children continue with their education, whilst maintaining our health and wellbeing. 

Each week, we will be updating you with tips and ideas to help make the coming weeks more manageable. This information will include free educational websites, health and wellbeing and online safety amongst other things.

We ask you to please encourage your children to complete the learning activities set by our teaching staff each day (mostly on Google Classroom) but also to consider their wellbeing.  It is really important to strike a balance between learning, family life and wellbeing. 

So, here are some initial ideas:

1.  Why not start the day well with a workout?  Joe Wicks is hosting YouTube PE lessons for school children at 09:00 Monday to Friday on his channel:

2.  Advice for parents and carers:

3.  Internet safety:


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