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Applications for a place in Year 7 – September 2022

(Posted on 12/11/21)

Applications for a place in Year 7 – September 2022

Thank you to all those who have applied for a Year 7 place at Christleton High School for September 2022.

The window for applications closed on 31 October 2021 and, whilst late applications have been, and will continue to be, accepted by CWaC Admissions team, they can only be considered once all on-time applications have been dealt with.

We are, however, aware that it is likely that we will be oversubscribed and would remind all applicants that the over-subscription criteria, as highlighted within our Admissions Policy 2022/23, will be applied strictly in line with that policy.

That policy was published within our Admissions section on our website prior to the application closure date and can be accessed here.

We again would like to thank all those for applying and to wish you every success in your application.


Darran Jones


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