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Ben Lumley inspires students

Ben Lumley inspires students

(Posted on 20/11/17)

Ben Lumley is a creative artist at heart, he is blessed to spend his days telling other people’s stories through is photography. Ben works with races, brands and runners around the country, telling powerful stories, working to create marketing and PR images to delight people. Ben is a runner himself and knows what a runner wants to see in an action shot. 

He came in to talk to our GCSE and A Level Art and Photography students about his work and how he is growing a successful freelance business in the creative industries. As well as our exam students, the Art Department invited this year’s Art Hot Scholars, all of our first prize winners from the recent Key Stage 3 sketchbook competition and of course, our already-up-and-running photographers, including Joe Bramall. Joe is in Year 13 and has already been commissioned to take some very high stake shots including wedding and Year 11 prom photographs. Ben’s visit was an inspirational event and we were all very lucky to hear from such a passionate and engaging speaker.

After his informative and exciting talk, Ben generously shared further experience with Art staff who would like to thank him for his time, kindness and wise advice for our students.

Comments from our A Level Photography students:

It was reassuring to hear that Ben Lumley has encountered many challenges along his journey when trying to start his business. Despite being, a good photographer Ben still finds it extremely difficult to get work. Ben did not try to hide how hard it is to be a photographer; he was an extremely motivational and inspirational. - Tess Bowman

I found it inspiring how Ben Lumley quit his job to pursue his dream of being a photographer and stuck with it, even through all the struggles he encountered. Because of his persistence, he ended up being a successful photographer. – Sophie Palgrave-Neath

It was very inspiring to see how Ben Lumley developed his photography career from an un-creative individual to someone who can capture such amazing photographs. This really motivated me to push myself to do what I want to do in the creative industries. He was a very impressive and a real an inspiration to everyone.  – Molly Smith

I found the talk with Ben Lumley a unique and enriching experience for any budding photographer. He discussed his variety of backgrounds and showed how he built a career from a passion. I think it was a rare chance that everyone, including myself, greatly appreciated.  – Tylea Peters

Having Ben Lumley come in to talk to us was a good experience to have. It helped me to have courage in myself and know that it is okay to encounter struggles on any path I take. I also found it inspirational that he did not know what he wanted to do until he went through barriers. – Emily Black

Ben was an inspiration when he spoke to our students about making their dreams a reality.

Students were so inspired, a big thank you to the Art department for arranging this session!

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