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Blood Brothers

Blood Brothers

(Posted on 10/10/17)

Blood Brothers

On Tuesday 10th October, one hundred students from Years 10 and 11 went to the Story House in Chester to watch a performance of Willy Russell’s ‘Blood Brothers’ in preparation for their GCSE English Literature examination. The group thoroughly enjoyed watching the smash-hit musical and appreciated the opportunity to see the play brought to life.

‘I loved it! The Storyline was amazing and excellently portrayed. The gunshot were too real! It was so good’- Mia Scudds

‘An amazing performance- very touching’- Jamie Moore

‘I really enjoyed visiting the theatre to see ‘Blood Brothers’. The musical was really gripping and exciting’- Caitlin McDonnell

‘The play was really interesting; I thought that the actors portrayed the characters really well. Also, the last scene was very effective and dramatic’- Hannah Jones

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