Christleton High School Students

Cheshire High School Fencing Team Competition

Cheshire High School Fencing Team Competition

(Posted on 10/02/18)

Christleton High School fencers successfully competed at the annual Cheshire High School Team Competition on Sat 10 February 2018.

They were the only school represented by two teams. Christleton Team 1 won Silver medals and team 2 won Bronze medals.

Team 1 was represented by Alexandar J B Rex, Isaac Dunford, Will Lawrence, John Jessup, Lucas Duthie and Stanley Jessup.

Team 2 was represented by Joe Harris, Charlie Flood, Luca Catherall, William Pinkard, David Hankins and Luke Hankins.

Their commitment to the sport and hard work during training paid off. They are a credit to their families and school showing great team spirit and support to each other as well as excellent sportive behaviour and attitude.

Valerijs Scipanovs Fencing Coach      

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