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Chester Fencing Club - Tesco Bags of Help Grant

(Posted on 12/03/19)

Dear Parent/Guardian,


Chester Fencing Club and I (Head Coach), have been delivering fencing lessons before and after school in numerous Chester and Cheshire schools for over 12 years.



As part of the course, pupils are given free Protective Kit, Foils and Electric Fencing Boxes worth £300.00 - £800.00 per person, depending on their level of fencing. In order to ensure the equipment meets the British Fencing safety standards, we have been maintaining and replacing it regularly.



Chester Fencing Club has been selected for the Tesco Bags of Help Grant Scheme and our project for fencing equipment renewal, which will be used in Chester and Cheshire schools has been put forward to a customer vote in Tesco stores from Friday, March 1st till Tuesday, April 30th. 


Please support the club when shopping in the stores above, by asking for tokens at the till when they check out and casting them in the voting box.



The stores are:

1. Chester Superstore CH1 3JS

2. Chester Broughton CH4 0DR

3. Chester Pepper St. Express CH1 1TN

4. Chester Sealand Rd Superstore CH1 4NT

5. Chester Delamere St. Express CH1 4DS



Your support will help ensure the continuous supply of the fencing equipment to pupils free of charge now and in the future.


Yours sincerely


Valerijs Scipanovs

Head Coach

Chester Fencing Club


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