Curriculum Introduction & GCSE Options

Year 9 Options Process January 2021

Please use the links to the left to access information about specific departments/subjects in the school. You will also find photographs of departmental activities; links to external websites relevant to that subject; a contact button to send a message directly to the relevant Head of Department and documents for download, where appropriate.

To establish the relative time devoted to each subject in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4, please see the downloads below.

If you have a more general enquiry, please contact us.


Curriculum Map- ArtDownload
Curriculum Map- BITEDownload
Curriculum Map- D & TDownload
Curriculum Map- EnglishDownload
Curriculum Map- GeographyDownload
Curriculum Map- Health & Social CareDownload
Curriculum Map- HistoryDownload
Curriculum Map- MathsDownload
Curriculum Map- Media StudiesDownload
Curriculum Map- MFLDownload
Curriculum Map- PEDownload
Curriculum Map- Performing ArtsDownload
Curriculum Map- PSHEDownload
Curriculum Map- PsychologyDownload
Curriculum Map- RSDownload
Curriculum Map- Science Download
Curriculum Map- Sociology Download
Curriculum Overview- ArtDownload
Curriculum Overview- BITEDownload
Curriculum Overview- D & TDownload
Curriculum Overview- EnglishDownload
Curriculum Overview- GeographyDownload
Curriculum Overview- Health & Social CareDownload
Curriculum Overview- HistoryDownload
Curriculum Overview- MathsDownload
Curriculum Overview- Media StudiesDownload
Curriculum Overview- MFLDownload
Curriculum Overview- PEDownload
Curriculum Overview- Performing ArtsDownload
Curriculum Overview- PSHEDownload
Curriculum Overview- PsychologyDownload
Curriculum Overview- RSDownload
Curriculum Overview- ScienceDownload
Curriculum Overview- SociologyDownload
KS3 Curriculum Time Allocation 2020-2021Download
KS4 Curriculum Time Allocation 2020-2021Download
Year 10 & Year 11 Home Learning (Homework) ExpectationsDownload
Year 9 Options Information 2021Download
Year 9 options Record Card Jan 2021Download
Year options letter to parents/carers Jan 2021Download