Aiming High


At Christleton High School we are committed to challenging all of our students to ensure they develop the learning habits that allow them to emerge as intellectually curious, resilient and independent lifelong learners.

As an academic school we expect students to challenge themselves both within and outside of the classroom. Students aiming for higher education and competitive apprenticeships should have high aspirations and the motivation and independence to match. We offer a range of challenge within our curriculum but also strive to provide students with a whole host of additional opportunities and challenges. Below you will find a list of some of the ways we support our students in this endeavour. Please have a look at the links and join the Challenge Google Classroom for your key stage, where exciting and challenging opportunities are regularly posted. (Google Classroom join codes are available from form tutors).

Challenge Corner: Fortnightly Further Learning in iResearch

This summer term we will be launching a series of extra-curricular activities and learning resources in the library’s new Challenge Corner. Commencing Tuesday 4th May, we will be adding revolving displays, reading lists and weblinks to the library cabinet which will change every two weeks. Each new fortnightly focus will aim to broaden student learning and help to develop new skills and insights.

Until the school is back to normal this will just be accessible to Y12 or during staff run sessions. Whether the topic of the moment is something that the students are an expert in, or one that they have limited learning experience with, we are hoping participants will dedicate parts of their breaks and frees to attempting the challenges and expanding their general knowledge.

Weeks A & B (June 21st-July 2nd)

Challenge Topic: Maths & Strategy

Activities: The focus of the third fortnight will be to test students mathematic and strategy skills. There will be puzzles and problems to solve in our breaktime ‘brain gym’, speed times table games and a chess tournament with students going head-to-head. For maths geniuses there will be further reading on coding and chaos theory.

Weeks C & D (July 5th - July 15th)

Challenge Topic: Literacy & Creative Writing

Activities: The focus of the fourth fortnight will be creative contests, word games and book discussions. Students are challenged to compose entries for national poetry and short story competitions, and test each other’s word power in Spelling Bees and Scrabble battles. The latest book lists will focus on fiction and sharing summer reading recs.

Futures Club

As a school we are also a member of The Futures Club, a non-profit organisation founded by students from Cambridge University and UCL. They work closely with schools in delivering impactful interactive online guest speaker events throughout the academic year.

These are free for our students - sign up using your school email address

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