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At Christleton High School we are committed to challenging all of our students to ensure they develop the learning habits that allow them to emerge as intellectually curious, resilient and independent lifelong learners.

As an academic school we expect students to challenge themselves both within and outside of the classroom. Students aiming for higher education and competitive apprenticeships should have high aspirations and the motivation and independence to match. We offer a range of challenge within our curriculum but also strive to provide students with a whole host of additional opportunities and challenges. Below you will find a list of some of the ways we support our students in this endeavour. Please have a look at the links and join the Challenge Google Classroom for your key stage, where exciting and challenging opportunities are regularly posted. (Google Classroom join codes are available from form tutors).

Challenge Corner: Further Learning in iResearch

Revolving displays and MOOCs changing every month. Each new monthly focus will aim to broaden student learning and help to develop new skills and insights.

Spring / Summer Term

January Challenge Corner
Challenge Topic: Weather and Climate Change
Activities: In the deep winter, students are encouraged to develop a better understanding of the changing weather. Learn what we as individuals can do to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve the planet for the future.

February Challenge Corner
Challenge Topic: Mental Health and Mindfulness
Activities: Shake off Seasonal Affective Disorder with self-help books and instruction manuals to improve your wellbeing. Guided meditations are also available as an audio loan on the school’s virtual library ePlatform.

March Challenge Corner
Challenge Topic: The World’s Best Books
Activities: In celebration of World Book Day this month, we encourage students to pick from our selection of the best teen novels to read before you’re twenty. Also read through our guides to cult fiction and the BBC’s Big Read.

April Challenge Corner
Challenge Topic: Philosophy and Witticism
Activities: There will be no fools this April! This month’s MOOC and learning challenge asks students to delve into the philosophical realms. Learn from great thinkers and speech givers from ancient times to the present day.

May Challenge Corner
Challenge Topic: Science Fiction and Future Technologies
Activities: In May we celebrate Star Wars Day with a focus on science fiction and science fact. Take a look into the inventions and innovations of the last century and the way the future is imagined by sci-fi novelists.

June Challenge Corner
Challenge Topic: Sports and the Outdoors
Activities: Get active this summer by discovering a new team sport or athletic activity. Get training tips to take part in school sports day or learn some forest survival skills for spending more time out in the sunshine.

July Challenge Corner
Challenge Topic: Travel and Tourism
Activities: Will 2022 be the year we get back to overseas holidays? Explore the parts of the world you are most interested in visiting using our large collection of travel guides. Test your knowledge of geography, culture and flags.

Online Courses is a digital portal for 11-18 year olds run by Oxford University. The site aims to help students think deeply about issues that go beyond the school curriculum. Users can take on the site’s "Big Questions", watch videos, test their knowledge, join live events and pose their own questions.

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Lots of other universities also run outreach programmes with things like online lectures and discussions. Here are some links to a few:

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