Child Development

Child Development class at Christleton High School

GCSE Child Development is a varied and informative course involving extensive research, which is ideal for any student interested in young children.

The course will help students to understand adult responsibilities by promoting an awareness of the development and needs of children from conception to the age of five.

Conception, Pregnancy, Birth, Child Care, Child Development from 0-5 years and Community Services available to the family will be studied using a variety of methods.


Observational Study

Students will be expected to complete an observational study of one child in the age range 0-5 years. The school will invite families into the classroom and organise visits to local nurseries or play groups to enable you to observe young children.

These experiences will give students a better understanding of child development before starting the study.

The observations will be made during the course of six visits to the child. Students study their physical, intellectual, emotional and social development.

A record of each visit must be kept and at the end of the period, conclusions drawn about the child’s development compared with that of other children of a similar age.

NB Students opting for this course must know of a child, under 5 years, about whom they can compile the Observational Study. If this presents difficulties to anyone wishing to opt for this course, please discuss the matter with Miss Walker.