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As a contemporary subject, Government & Politics remains a strong choice at A level and gives students an opportunity to study our modern and evolving political environment. In Year 12 students will study UK politics and government, which will give them a strong basis of knowledge and understanding of politics. Students will then develop this knowledge and understanding by studying four political ideologies (Conservatism, Liberalism, Socialism and Feminism) and in Year 13, they will then go on to study the government and politics of the USA.

Government and Politics is very much a ‘live’ subject that offers students the chance to really engage with the world today. Knowledge and interest in current affairs is essential as on-going political developments form the basis of debate and discussion in the classroom. The course of study will provide the historical context of political and governmental systems, critical awareness of the changing nature of politics and the relationship between political ideas, institutions and processes. Students will also be guided in developing informed viewpoints and understanding of the rights and responsibilities of individuals and groups.

In addition, students will become skilled at critically analysing, interpreting and evaluating political information to form arguments and make judgements. In fact, it is our politics students that lead the way in managing the Christleton High Debate Club which encourages students from all subjects to debate topical issues relevant to our young people in today’s world.

Political Studies Assocation Student Short Video Competition

Politics students will also have a range of opportunities to engage with politics outside of the classroom. Our students regularly lead pre-election hustings debates and manage ‘mock elections’ within CHS. They also have the opportunity to tour the Houses of Parliament under the guidance of our local MP, and have the chance to engage in workshops and debates during this visit. In addition students also visit the UK Supreme Court and have a chance to visit No. 10 Downing Street in order to further consolidate their knowledge and understanding of the relationships between political institutions.

We also aim to offer the opportunity for students to visit the USA as part of a joint History and Politics trip that visits both New York and Washington. This gives students the opportunity to visit Congress and The US Supreme Court in order to support the knowledge and understanding of the government and politics of the USA.

As a subject that is significantly influenced by current affairs, politics remains a vibrant and popular choice at A level and offers both challenge and variety due to the nature of the subject and the areas of skill development which it helps to foster.

Key Stage 5

Please view our Sixth Form Courses Booklet for more information about this subject in Sixth Form.


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