Health & Social Care

GCSE Health and Social Care promotes the understanding of many important issues faced within today’s health and social care system. It is an academic subject that equips students with the knowledge and skills necessary for further study and work in the sector by looking into key areas such as legislation changes, barriers that people in society may face, major life changes and their effects on people’s self-esteem.

The course comprises of two units. The first is ‘Health, Social Care and Early Years Provision’ this unit is worth 60% of the total GCSE and is carried out as a controlled assessment within school that focuses on the care given at a chosen local primary school. The second unit is ‘Understanding Personal Development and Relationships’ this is the exam unit that makes up the other 40% of the GCSE course and comprises of a 1 hour written paper that looks at areas such as human growth and development, and self-concept.

These GCSE specifications in health and social care should encourage learners to be inspired and changed by following a coherent and worthwhile course of study. The course should prepare learners to make informed decisions about further study and career choices. These GCSE specifications in health and social care enable learners to:

Sixth Form

Please view our Sixth Form Courses page for more information about this subject in Sixth Form.

Who is the course aimed at?

Students interested in taking this course should be highly motivated and interested in working with people. They should be broad minded, reliable and able to undertake independent study. This course is suitable for students who are interested in working with people in a health or social care role. This includes a wide range of fulfilling roles such as; primary teaching, nursing, social work, midwifery, radiography, physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Successful study of the GCSE can lead to further study in Health and Social Care within the sixth form, providing a comprehensive route into university to study popular courses like midwifery.

How does it work?

You will be encouraged to carry out research, visit places of work and get involved in a variety of health and social care settings. The coursework helps to develop skills of independent learning, planning and organisation. Students in Year 11 are encouraged to carry out their work placement in local primary schools and nurseries, this supports their academic study because students research information at their placement to complete the coursework units.

What skills are needed?

You will need to be enthusiastic and committed. You will also need to be focused and hard-working during lessons and revision at home. You will be encouraged to carry out independent research in order to increase your understanding of a range of health, social care and related issues and you must meet coursework deadlines.


One controlled assessment - centre assessed task (60%)
One exam unit - 1 hour (40%)