KS3 Assessment Framework (KASH)

KASH - Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills and Habits

Over the last academic year, we have been engaged in thinking and consultation about how we can design an assessment system for Key Stage 3 students that first and foremost supports teaching and learning, whilst providing meaningful feedback that students can act upon.

Our new assessment system aims to:

The new KS3 Assessment and Reporting Framework welcomes the introduction of KASH reporting to all KS3 students.

The Knowledge, Attitudes, Skills and Habits (KASH) are reviewed for each student in each subject on a termly basis.

Knowledge and Skills have been identified by subject areas in accordance with curriculum expectations.

Assessing progress in Attitudes and Habits provides us with the opportunity to monitor and support student progress towards demonstrating each of the five values that are at the heart of our school ethos - the 5 C’s.

Further information is available in our CHS Parent Guide. You can also watch the KASH videos to find out more.

Download CHS Year 7 KASH Guide for Parents & Carers

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