Modern Foreign Languages

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Modern Foreign Languages class at Christleton High School

Here at Christleton we have a thriving and dedicated department, which offers three languages at GCSE and A Level; French, German and Spanish.

In Key Stage 3 all students study French with either German or Spanish. From the outset we place a strong emphasis on students using the target language to communicate with staff and with each other as much as possible, setting an expectation both in lessons and around the department.

Topics studied at Key Stage 3 include personal information such as family, school, hobbies and holidays. Students are given ample opportunity to develop their understanding of target language culture, read and listen to authentic texts via prose and song and are encouraged to use their language skills in an innovative way.

Year 7 students are offered the chance to enter the Christleton Spelling Bee competition and we hold a creative writing competition for our youngest language learners. During year 9, students begin studying a broader range of culturally based topics in preparation for the GCSE content and role play situations.

Modern Foreign Languages class at Christleton High School

At Christleton, we understand that having the opportunity to put your language skills into practice and to learn more about the target language culture first hand is an important part of language learning. We run a range of educational visits abroad including at visit to Normandy for year 8 French, Paris for KS4 & KS5 French, Berlin for German and a visit to Madrid for Spanish.

In addition, the department is involved in the British Council’s e-twinning projects in which we establish links with partner schools throughout Europe. Our students have the opportunity to share their work and communicate with students from partner schools.

At Christleton, it is compulsory to study at least one Modern Language as part of the English Baccalaureate with some students becoming dual linguists. We follow the AQA course for GCSE in all three languages. All GCSE students have contact with a Foreign Language Teaching Assistant at least once a fortnight to work on their spoken language skills.

Modern Foreign Languages class at Christleton High School

In addition to French German and Spanish, students who have additional languages can be entered for examinations in their additional language. We regularly enter students for examinations in our taught languages, as well as Chinese, Dutch, Polish and Portuguese.

Sixth Form

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