Music & Music Technology class at Christleton High School

We are fortunate to have a thriving Music Department at Christleton High School. In Years 7-9 all students study music for one hour per week; topics include a variety of music from The Beatles to Mozart and Rock 'n' Roll to Folk Music.

Practical sessions include composition, guitar and bass guitar skills, drums and percussion, keyboard skills and singing.

In Year 10, Music is an optional subject for those students wishing to study it at GCSE level. Here the focus is divided between Performing, Composing and Listening.

Music & Music Technology class at Christleton High School

In addition to academic music lessons, there is also a significant provision for extra-curricular music at Christleton High School. We have a number of music tutors offering practical tuition in almost any instrument from violin, flute and piano to drums, electric guitar and singing. The cost of these lessons is heavily subsidised by the school.

We hold 3 annual music concerts (including one rock concert) as well as two musical theatre productions and various informal recitals throughout the year. Weekly ensembles include a Concert Band, Orchestra, Choir, Saxophone Group, Flute Group, Recorder Group, String Group, Guitar Group and various rock groups which rehearse independently.

Sixth Form

Please view our Sixth Form Courses page for more information about this subject in Sixth Form.

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