Christleton High School Students

Year 9 Options Process January 2021

Students have a choice of nineteen different subjects, many of which they have been studying since Year 7.

There are eight subjects which are new to students (including those which have been taught under the ‘PAD umbrella’ this year) and these are:

  1. Art
  2. Business Studies
  3. Design and Technology
  4. Food Technology
  5. Health and Social Care
  6. Media Studies
  7. Music
  8. Performing Arts

Each of these subjects has produced a short presentation which gives students a flavour of what to expect. These presentations can be viewed below:


Business Studies

Design & Technology

Food Technology

Health and Social Care

Media Studies


Performing Arts

Please use the links to the left to access information about specific departments/subjects in the school. You will also find photographs of departmental activities; links to external websites relevant to that subject; a contact button to send a message directly to the relevant Head of Department and documents for download, where appropriate.

To establish the relative time devoted to each subject in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4, please see the downloads below.

If you have a more general enquiry, please contact us.


Year 9 Options Information 2021Download
Year 9 options Record Card Jan 2021Download
Year 9 options letter to parents/carers Jan 2021Download
Curriculum Map- ArtDownload
Curriculum Map- BITEDownload
Curriculum Map- D & TDownload
Curriculum Map- EnglishDownload
Curriculum Map- GeographyDownload
Curriculum Map- Health & Social CareDownload
Curriculum Map- HistoryDownload
Curriculum Map- MathsDownload
Curriculum Map- Media StudiesDownload
Curriculum Map- MFLDownload
Curriculum Map- PEDownload
Curriculum Map- Performing ArtsDownload
Curriculum Map- PSHEDownload
Curriculum Map- PsychologyDownload
Curriculum Map- RSDownload
Curriculum Map- Science Download
Curriculum Map- Sociology Download
Curriculum Overview- ArtDownload
Curriculum Overview- BITEDownload
Curriculum Overview- D & TDownload
Curriculum Overview- EnglishDownload
Curriculum Overview- GeographyDownload
Curriculum Overview- Health & Social CareDownload
Curriculum Overview- HistoryDownload
Curriculum Overview- MathsDownload
Curriculum Overview- Media StudiesDownload
Curriculum Overview- MFLDownload
Curriculum Overview- PEDownload
Curriculum Overview- Performing ArtsDownload
Curriculum Overview- PSHEDownload
Curriculum Overview- PsychologyDownload
Curriculum Overview- RSDownload
Curriculum Overview- ScienceDownload
Curriculum Overview- SociologyDownload
Curriculum Policy Download
KS3 Curriculum Time Allocation 2020-2021Download
KS4 Curriculum Time Allocation 2020-2021Download
Year 10 & Year 11 Home Learning (Homework) ExpectationsDownload
Year 7 Curriculum Booklet 2021-2022Download
Year 8 Curriculum Booklet 2021-2022Download