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Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) Presentation Evening - 15th of March 2017

Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) Presentation Evening - 15th of March 2017

(Posted on 15/03/17)

EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) Presentation Evening 

On Wednesday the 15th of March 2017, Christleton Sixth Form students showed confidence, professionalism and charisma during the Extended Project Presentation Evening . Around seventy students gave presentations for ten minutes each in front of audiences comprising friends, family, teachers, Leadership Group, governors and local business representatives. 

The school was buzzing with activity as eleven presentations were given simultaneously in various classrooms; attendees were welcomed with a wide variety of topics to listen to, including Artificial Intelligence, Climate Change, Standing at Football Grounds, Autonomous Cars and Interracial Adoption and many more.  

I was delighted with how articulate and professional the presentations were, and praised the students on their in-depth research and enthusiasm for their subjects.

Head of Sixth Form, Mr. Cosstick said, “I was so impressed with the dedication and attitude displayed by all the Year 12 students involved in the EPQ. I was lucky enough to see six of the presentations and each one showed the qualities that we are looking to instil in all our students: independence, confidence, maturity and hard work. This is what Christleton Sixth Form is all about”. 

Thanks go out to all who attended, and particularly to the EPQ teacher-mentors for supporting and assessing the students on the evening. Current Year 11 students have recently had an initial introduction to the EPQ, which is an optional opportunity for all Year 12 students at Christleton, and over fifty of them have already shown interest in starting the EPQ early. 

The Extended Project Qualification is equivalent to an AS-Level in size, Guided Learning Hours and UCAS points. It is also graded on the same A*-E scale. Students study a topic of their own choosing, which can be something of general interest, or related to their intended study at University, and research thoroughly into that area (following training on researching and referencing in EPQ lessons). Most students then produce a dissertation as a result of their findings, whereas others choose the performance (musical, dramatic, gymnastic etc.) or artefact (building something) option as an alternative. All students have to present to an audience at the end of the process, before responding to general questions from the audience.

Students who opt for the EPQ as an additional choice receive training within the 360° Futures Programme. The independent nature of the qualification makes it ideal for discussion during University interviews and for job interviews further down the line.

Mr A Ralphson

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