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Girls in Computing

Girls in Computing

(Posted on 19/10/17)

What better way to celebrate International Day of the Girl than to host an exclusive girls in computing event! We invited twenty girls to join the BITE department for the morning and challenge them to a range of computing activities.

The girls had to beat the clock on a decipher challenge, design an app of the future, break out of the escape room, work as a team for the logic task and program their own microbit. All of them did incredibly well and the overall computer wiz of the day was Sophie Welsh and the winner of the tablet. Well done Sophie!

The BITE department are making it our mission to get more girls into Computing, currently there is as little as 17% of the computer related professions filled by girls. This is such a shame for both the girls who are missing out on a challenging and well-paid career, and the employers who need high quality programmers. We need more girls to take the plunge and find out how exciting programming can be! From building apps to cyber crime fighters the career opportunities are limitless, so come on girls show us what you can do!

More girls in computing events to come, if you would like to know more or want to know about the next event is then please email Mrs Lawson.

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