There are three main Committees which meet at least once per term, and report back to the full Governing Body.

Curriculum and Achievement

The main aim of the Committee is to ensure that the school meets the legal requirements in relation to the curriculum.

Membership: Fliss Bridgewater (Chair), Jean Charlton, Paul Heath, Janet Myers, Sean Catford, Oliver Hall.

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The main aim of this Committee is to ensure that effective safeguarding systems are in place for the pastoral care of students and staff. This includes being aware of Health & Safety issues, Special Educational Needs, and Student Voice. In addition, the Pastoral Committee has responsibility for forming the Student Discipline Committee, which considers exclusions from school.

Membership: Fliss Bridgewater, Jean Charlton, Steve Richards (Chair), Paul Heath, Nigel Taberner, Janet Myers, Jenny Monaghan, Jordan Swift.

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This Sub-Group’s purpose, in broad terms, is to ensure that conditions are in place to attract, motivate and retain the right number and quality of staff, whilst it also considers and discusses the Income and Expenditure statements. It works very closely with the Headteacher, Deputy Headteacher and Academy Business Director.

Membership: All Governors.

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