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Member Recruitment

Member Recruitment

(Posted on 17/10/19)


With a small commitment, you could made a big difference to local education

You’re passionate about education, you have a strong sense of community and you’d like to help improve the educational outcomes for thousand of young people locally.

We’re looking for people to fill the role of ‘Members’ in The Learning Trust, the organisation that operates some of Chester’s leading schools – Chester International School, Queens Park High and Christleton High. 

As a member:-

  • You’ll discover what it takes to run and grow successful schools.
  • You’ll have real influence in making them better.
  • You’ll be making a real difference to the lives and education of young people in the area without the time and responsibility involved in being a full member of the Trust board.

You will be an important part of Trust family, helping to shape the strategic direction of the Trust, keeping it on course and participating from time to time in some inspiring and challenging school-based activities including careers evenings, concerts, open evenings and other events.

This is a voluntary role requiring only occasional attendance at formal meetings with the option of adding extra value through student mentoring or sharing knowledge.

If you’d like to know more, visit or email

Member Recruitment Job Description and Person Specification

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