It is the policy of Christleton High School to celebrate achievement. To be successful, students require the highest level of access and engagement with quality educational opportunities.

Full attendance is a critical factor in ensuring positive educational outcomes for our students. Our school strives to create a culture in which excellent attendance is the norm.

We expect 100% attendance and punctuality from all our students.

We recognise that parents have a vital role to play and that there is a need to establish strong home-school links and communication systems that can be utilised, whenever there is concern about attendance.

If there are problems which affect a student’s attendance, we will investigate, identify and strive in partnership with parents, students and the Education Welfare Service to resolve these problems, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We will adopt a clearly focused approach, aimed at returning the student to full attendance at all times. This policy is based on the premise of equal opportunities for all.

Registers are taken at the start of lessons and in the morning and afternoon. Registration and Form Period is used for a variety of reasons, which include Fire Safety, Truancy, Government legislation and internal school reports.

The school now also operates a lesson by lesson registration scheme. The school office checks attendance daily and in the absence of an ‘authorised absence’ will carry out a physical check and in the continuing absence of being able to make a visual identification, will contact parents to advise them of non-attendance. This is to confirm whether the student had indeed attended or whether the absence was expected but had not been reported correctly to the school.

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