Combined Cadet Force (RAF)

Combined Cadet Force (RAF) at Christleton High School

At the moment all cadet activity is suspended until further notice, until activities are allowed to resume.

The Air Cadet Organisation, of which the CCF (RAF) is associated, is a national military themed youth organisation with over 40,000 cadets. The tradition of cadet units in schools goes back over 150 years to the 1850s. In 1948, the Combined Cadet Force was formed, covering cadets from all three Services. Some of the activities we have taken part in over the last 3 years of the squadrons operation include:

  1. The RAF
  2. Drill
  3. Map reading
  4. Initial expedition training
  5. Basic navigation using map and compass
  6. Emergency First aid
  7. Air rifle shooting
  8. No 8 and L98 rifle shooting
  9. Radio communications
  10. Flying and Gliding
  11. Leadership training
  12. Adventurous training
  13. Field craft
  14. RAF Station visits (UK and overseas)
Combined Cadet Force (RAF) at Christleton High School

RAF Station visits include:

On these field trips we have taken part in:

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Where can the CCF lead me?

There is a role for everyone in the RAF, as a reserve or a regular. Roles such as a medic, an engineer, a pilot, a lawyer and a dentist. As well as Officers and non-commissioned officers for the many departments on and off base. Our cadet squadron provides a military life environment and provides qualifications that can help shape your future.

Examples of this are:

Contact details

Flight Lieutenant  I V Hollywood, Head of Citizenship & PSHE
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training)
Section Commander
 Email: Send email


Flying Officer E Humphries
Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve (Training)
 Email: Send email


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