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Pathways - Year 11 Work Experience 26th – 30th June 2017

Pathways - Year 11 Work Experience 26th – 30th June 2017

(Posted on 30/07/17)

Work Placements have been a great success! Year 11 Work Experience 26th – 30th June 2017 

Year 11 Work Experience Week 2017

Year 11 students enjoyed a really successful Work Experience Week last term and the feedback from the employers involved has been extremely positive.

Here’s what some of our students thought about their placement weeks: -


For my work experience, I went to work for a popular jewellery company called Chlobo. Chlobo is a jewellery company in Sealand Road Chester. They dispatch products all around the country and internationally to countries such as Portugal, France and Italy. The building I worked in was in Chester Business Park. I worked in each separate department; retail, dispatching books to different retailers, production, making the jewellery, marketing, finding different bloggers to send samples to. I really enjoyed my experience.

Ffion Williams 11L2


For my week of work experience, I went to a production company called Media City UK in Manchester. I really enjoyed my week. I experienced different roles within the industry, training regarding what is required for an advert and I went to the editing studios to see how they work.

Maddie Macdonald 11L2


For my work experience, I went to Oldfield Primary School. This is because it was my primary school and I might want to be a teacher. Whilst I was doing this placement, I learnt a lot more and gained new skills like independence and authority. This has really helped me think about what I want to do in the future and has been great for my self-confidence. I am glad I chose to go to a primary school as I can now see myself going into a teaching career in the future.

Ella Wood 11L2


For my work placement, I went to Cheshire Fire and Rescue Service Head Quarters in Winsford. The best moment was when we did the firefighting training. In the placement, there were activities, learning about fire fighters and what they do in a safe way. We had to do this because of obvious health and safety reasons. The whole placement has given me an idea of that I might possibly pursue firefighting as a career.

Taylor Lyon 11K2


I went to Vicars Cross Golf Club for my work experience. On my work experience, I learnt how to drive a golf buggy and replace the pin flag on the greens. I learned that I need motivation and desire to complete jobs. The best moment had to be driving the buggies. I found the job physically tiring but at the same time interesting and fun. My work experience slightly gave me a clearer idea of what job I want to do, making me feel that I would like a job that relates to golf or designing.

James Dolley 11K2


For my work experience, I accompanied a BT engineer. Throughout the week, we utilised different customers, fixed existing phone systems and installed new ones. I learnt how to communicate with customers to find out what problem needed to be resolved. I found out that I work well in social situations with people that I have never met before.

Emilia Gaulton 11K2


For my work experience placement, I went to Nation Wide Building Society in Swindon. During my placement, I attended many meetings and spoke to various people about the variety of jobs available at Nationwide. I learnt what an office job was really like and it was not what I expected. I also spoke to a woman called Rachel who spoke to me about the choices she made to get to where she is today. This talk really helped me figure out what areas I might like to go into in the future and now to get there. To somebody preparing to do work experience in the future I would advise them to be confident and not to be afraid of asking questions no matter how silly you think they are.

Millie Riddick Year 11K2


For my work experience, I found a placement at Vets 4 Pets in Hoole. Throughout the week, I gained a good understanding for the different aspects of being a vet or a veterinary nurse and a clearer view of what this of job involves. Mostly, the work consisted of watching the surgery performed by the vets and standing in for a consultation. I found both of these equally as interesting as I am not 100% sure which I would like to be; the consultations showed how the clients and the vets / nurses interact with each other in indicator of how important communication is. The surgery revealed just how difficult the jobs are and how much work you have to put in.

Grace Reynolds 11K2


Barrow CE Primary School

For my work experience, I went to my former primary school Barrow CE Primary School. During my brief tenure, I was tasked with assisting children who needed additional help with their education, as well as providing my assistance to the Year 3 and 4 classroom. The favourite portion of my work was doing art projects with the children. I feel like work experience has helped me gain a better insight into what the working world is really like. An insight that might have otherwise been hard to gain. I have learned that it is important to contribute to your work and put in the maximum amount of passion and effort – the more you put in, the more you will get out.

Jude Jones 11K2


For work experience I went to Airbus in Broughton. While I was there, I learnt the process of how planes are made, and what each department in Airbus is responsible for. I also learnt how to use different machines, including an electron microscope, which are used to identify and problems with the components before the plans are made.

Laura Mills 11K2


For my work experience, I went to Pathways Studios situated in Chester Town Centre. It is a photography studio, I am very passionate about photography and this is why I wanted to work here. The whole experience was great and I loved it. I really enjoyed having the independence of travelling to work and going to get lunch in town independently etc. I learned that I have a lot of confidence that I did not know I had. I learned a lot about photography, modelling and lighting as well as a Photoshop and digital editing. I took part in many different shoots and some of my photographs were used to professionally display clothing for a company named Lee Louise. I loved the vibe of the photography industry and this definitely made me want to look into it when I leave school.

Charlotte Jones 11K2


I went to St Martins Primary School for my work experience and learnt many new skills. I felt very welcome by the children and staff. I worked in Year 3 all week and prepared some work for a variety of lessons. The skill that I learnt was how to mark books, which was surprisingly easy. I listened to the children reading multiple times and learnt the plan of the day in a primary school. I experienced many different types of lessons such as singing and art. I was even lucky enough to go on a school trip with the children to Storyhouse. Overall, on my work experience it was brilliant to get to know all the children’s unique personalities. Everyone was so nice and my confidence grew so much in the week too. I now feel like I would love to be a teacher and have a job motivating children.

Charlotte Glading 11K2


I went to Raytheon in Broughton. It is in the same place as Airbus, Hawarden Airport. I was with another Year 11 boy from Hawarden. The workers were really nice and friendly. I was showed around the three RAF planes that were in the hanger. They taught me all about their year job. I helped with little jobs around the aircrafts. I was showed around all the different departments to give me an idea of what I would like to do. They also gave me advice about apprenticeships and the path to take to become an engineer. It was very helpful overall.

Dillon Bright 11BA1


For my work experience, I went to a law firm called Ecello Law. I went into many meetings over the week and saw first-hand how to communicate with people who are in need of help from the law.

Tommy Vicary 11BA1


For my work placement, I went to Bank of America Credit Card Company. There were many different departments such as Fraud, Digital Marketing and Design Studio, which was my favourite. I learnt a lot about advertising and how they create their own brand image. I helped in a marketing campaign that they were partnered with in Liverpool, where the company was visited by legend Robbie Fowler. There was a conference in the auditorium and I helped take official photos for the website.

Ceri Thomas 11BA1




A big thank you to all of the companies and organisations that assisted and congratulations to all our Year 11 students!


Thanks also to Karen Varley for her help in keeping things running so smoothly



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