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Readathon 2018

Readathon 2018

(Posted on 09/03/18)

Years 7 and 8 Christleton High School students took part the Readathon 2018, which started on the 26th of February and ended on 9 March 2018.

Readathon is a sponsored reading challenge for children in school that lasts two weeks and people have been taking part in it all over the country. The money raised goes towards buying new books that storytellers can take to children in hospitals to cheer them up.

As an English class (7 Lake 1), we read a total of 221 books and raised £500 and counting! Cally Evans read the most books - a total of 42! Aidan Hulse raised the most money in our English class, raising an amazing amount of £75!

Despite reading for a good cause, it also encouraged many students to pick up a book and get lost in a sea of words, which we all hope will carry on even when Readathon has finished for the year.

These people think reading is good and fun because;

‘’ It takes me to another world ‘’ - Kiah Goyal                                            

‘’ I like getting lost in a book ‘’- Lewis Russel

‘’ I was so busy reading, I forgot to collect sponsors!’’ - Imogen Fisher.

Overall, we all enjoyed Readathon and hope it will carry on for many years to come!

By Olivia Lanceley, Josie Bingham, Samantha Dentith, Jasmine Ashton and Oliver Morris-Green.


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