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Following school closures in March 2020, online learning became the main avenue to continue teaching and learning. We want our students to maintain the skills they learnt and as such we are continuing to use google classroom in our approach to learning. There are many different types of blended learning models but the main traits remain the same as defined by the Oxford Dictionary:

"A style of education in which students learn via electronic and online media, as well as traditional face-to-face teaching"

The teaching and learning is both synchronous (takes place at the same time for the teacher and pupils) and asynchronous (takes place at a time suitable for the teacher/pupils). In order to be successful, a blended learning model must be meaningful, enhanced, motivating and engaging for all pupils.

Blended Learning Model: What does it look like?

Remote Blended Learning

Remote learning should incorporate the key elements of effective teaching. Effective teaching includes deep pedagogical content knowledge and quality instruction. It includes having a strong understanding of the way pupils think about content, scaffolding new content, questioning and clear explanations that build on the students’ prior learning, effective use of feedback, and using assessment to build future learning.

Evidence suggests that it is not important for remote learning to be delivered in real time. It can be delivered in another way, e.g. by video which students can access at a time that suits them. This might help to address access issues where students are sharing a computer or technology with other family members.

There should be clear links between the content of remote learning activities and the wider school curriculum. Remote learning should be an integral part of the planned school curriculum. This is important if remote learning is to build on students’ prior learning and teachers are to address gaps in students’ knowledge and understanding through face-to-face teaching or remote teaching.

CHS might adopt some approaches to remote learning that do not require technology or internet access (e.g. workbooks). It will be vital to ensure that the approach to remote learning that is chosen is appropriate and that all learners receive high quality teaching and learning.

How do we learn?

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