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Researched Cheshire - Saturday 18th March 2017

Researched Cheshire - Saturday 18th March 2017

(Posted on 13/02/17)


Researched Cheshire - Saturday 18th March 2017

Queen’s Park High School, Chester

“We need a wider understanding of ‘great teaching’ that is based on research evidence […] one of the key lessons is that it is not enough just to know what effective practice is: we have to have a clear strategy for implementing the change from current practice to improved practice.” Rob Coe

Researced Cheshire: Where to start and where next? The theme of the day will be around the idea of ‘ResearchED: Where to start and where next? A focus on the mobilisation and application of research evidence in education decision-making and in the classroom.

Speakers confirmed so far:
Alex Quigley (Director of Research School and Author of The Confident Teacher)

Tom Sherrington (Former Headteacher, Highbury Grove)

Nick Rose (Co-author of What every Teacher needs to know about Psychology)

Dr Gary Jones (Research Lead Consultant)

Stuart Kime (Evidence-Based Education)

Robin Launder (founder of Behaviour Buddy)

Megan Dixon (Director of Aspirer Research School)

Dr Sally Bamber (University of Chester)

The conference will focus on the following 4 strands:

Where to start:
ï‚· A beginner’s guide to research
ï‚· The role of the Research Lead in schools

Where next:
ï‚· Evidence in the classroom – translating evidence into pedagogy
ï‚· Leadership: Evidence-informed practice for school improvement

Who is this for? Teachers, Trainee Teachers, Teaching Assistants, School Leaders at all levels and anyone interested in education. We look forward to welcoming you to join with us in a range of presentations and workshops to explore how evidence-informed practice can shape pedagogy and school leadership. Tickets are £22, include lunch and can be purchased here:


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