Why You Should Choose Christleton High School…

We recognise that seeing a school in action is a really important part of the decision-making process in choosing the school for your child to attend for the next 5 years or more.

Unfortunately, current Covid-19 restrictions do mean that our normal Open Evening and Open Morning sessions cannot take place in the usual way.

Therefore, we have engaged a media company, run by a former Christleton student, to produce a short video to showcase our school.

Simply click below to access your virtual tour!

We do understand that children in Years 5 and 6 and their families will be making important decisions about choosing the right school for the years ahead.

Clearly the Covid-19 pandemic has had and will continue to have major ramifications on the operational running of our school well into the Autumn term and possibly beyond.

We recognise that parents and children need to get a real feel for things before making these choices. We are also very proud of our school and are keen to showcase everything that we do to prospective students and parents.

We hope that the following information will be of help and interest to you:


This 20-page full-colour document has been updated for 2021/22 and can be downloaded from our school website. As well as covering what we do to ensure a smooth transition from primary school the prospectus also explains how we try to ensure that each individual student reaches their full potential.

Download Prospectus

The Swan, School Magazine

The most recent issues are available to download from our website and should help to give a feel for all the activities and opportunities that we offer.

Download recent issues

Q and A Presentation

Thank you for all of the questions you have recently sent in.

We were pleased with the response and are more than happy to address the comments raised.

In order to best answer your questions, we have grouped them into seven general categories below. To access the answers to your questions, simply select the relevant the video clip:



Admissions & Transition Events

Transport & Uniform


Home School Communications

Behaviour, Safety & Safeguarding

Extra-Curricular Activities

If you have any further questions please feel free to ask, you can email us at enquires@christletonhighschool.co.uk

We do hope that this will help give you the information you need. We also have further information with regards to our policies and other useful documents which can be found on our Admissions page. Thank you again for the interest you have shown.

Kind regards
Adrian Francis
Assistant Headteacher: Key Stage 3

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