Christleton High School Students

Procedure to be used in the event of Extreme Weather conditions or other Emergency

We are committed to minimising disruption to the education of our students and we always try to keep the school open.

There are however rare occasions when it may be necessary to close the school. These will usually be occasions when extreme weather or some other emergency means opening the school poses health and safety risks to the school community.

In the unlikely event of a closure we will communicate quickly and as fully as possible with our parents, as follows:

In the event of extreme weather / emergency prior to the start of the school day

A decision will be made between 6.00 am and 7.00 am as to whether the school should be open or needs to be closed. In the event of closure, by 7.30 am (wherever possible), the school will ensure that:

  • An automated text or email message is sent to parents and staff via the SchoolComms system
  • The school website has been updated
  • An update is available on our twitter account
  • Local radio will be informed

In the event of extreme weather / emergency during the school day

If the school is open in the morning but exceptional conditions occur during the day, we will continually assess the risks.

The decision whether to close the school will be made taking into account:

  • School transport
  • Weather advice through the Local Authority and MET office

Should the decision be taken to close the school we will inform parents via:

  • An automated text or email message sent from the SchoolComms system
  • A posting within the news section of the school website
  • An update on our twitter account

We understand that it may be difficult for some parents to collect their child and therefore contingency plans will be put in place to ensure that the school remains open until all students are collected.

In the event of prolonged closure due to weather / emergency

Parents should continue to monitor the school website as it will be updated on a regular basis with the latest information.