Christleton High School Students

Our School Ethos & Values - The 5C’s of Christleton

The 5C’s of Christleton High School

The School aims to be a happy, hardworking and caring school for all of its students and staff, which enables students to bring their aspirations to life.

Underpinning this ethos are our 5C’s: a commitment to high standards, through a caring; creative; collaborative and a cheerful environment; which enable us to be the best we can be.

At the school, we understand and recognise that students are the focus of our work, caring for our students’ lies at the heart of effective schooling.

Our staff are dedicated to the welfare and success of all in our school. We believe that every student can achieve great things. This commitment to high standards means that we set exceptionally high expectations for all our students, and we do whatever it takes to meet them.

To succeed in a world characterised by rapid change and increased complexity, it is vital that Christleton High School grows, develops, adapts creatively to, and takes charge of change so that we can create our own preferable future.

Above all, we are a learning organisation that strives always to ‘make our best better.’ We want our school to fizz with new ideas and fresh thinking in a cheerful environment. We will empower people to use their imagination, give them the freedom to explore, take risks and experiment.

However the needs of our students cannot be met by schools and teachers working alone. Complex needs require collaborative solutions. We can have a bigger impact when we work together, engaging parents and wider stakeholders, our school will continue to work with others to create a happy and safe community.