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15/02/22Open Mic Night Rehearsals all day (Hall)
15/02/22Open Mic Night Performance (19:00)
16/03/22OTM Theatre set up (Hall) evening (15:00)
17/03/22OTM Theatre set up (Hall) evening (15:00)
18/03/22OTM Theatre set up (Hall) evening (15:00)
19/03/22OTM Theatre set up all day (Hall)
20/03/22OTM Theatre set up all day (Hall)
21/03/22 - 27/03/22On The Mark Theatre Rehearsals & Performances all day/eve
13/06/22 - 19/06/22School musical rehearsals & set up all day (Hall)
18/06/22Summer Music Concert Rehearsals (Hall) (08:00 - 17:00)
20/06/22 - 26/06/22School Musical Rehearsals & Performances all day/eve (Hall)
15/07/22Summer Music Concert rehearsals all day (Hall)
18/07/22Summer Music Concert rehearsals & eve performance (Hall)

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