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School OPEN - Social Media Rumours

(Posted on 15/03/20)

School OPEN - Social Media Rumours 

It has come to my attention that a student posted on social media over the weekend that they have Coronavirus and that this has been circulating amongst students and parents, causing high levels of concern. 

Following communication from the parent, I can confirm that the student has not tested positive at this stage and has been advised to self isolate for 7 days as a precaution. 

The protocols we have to follow are clear. Therefore, I have today contacted the DfE helpline for their guidance. I can now also confirm that, given the student had been absent during the last week and the advice given to the parent, we remain open. We will continue to monitor the situation in coming days. 

Whilst I am a headteacher, I am also a parent and I understand the levels of concern that exist. I re-iterate that we take the safety of all our students very seriously and are following the DfE and Public Health England guidance to the letter, and, until that changes, we remain open.


DP Jones


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