Christleton High School Students


We aspire to ensure that all students fulfil their potential in preparation for either Higher Education or a wide range of employment opportunities once they have left Christleton High School.

We strive to support the development of independent learners who are responsible and active both within the whole school and the wider community.

What you should expect from Christleton High School

A significant number of opportunities and activities await prospective Sixth Form students which will broaden their outlook on life and help them become more rounded adults. Christleton High School has an exceptional record of academic results of which we are rightly proud but so many of our students gain success from extra curricular activities.

We regularly welcome a number of students from other schools. The school has a wide range of facilities available for both study and leisure. Students can access study facilities in the iResearch Centre and Sixth Form Study Room.

What do we expect of our Sixth Form Students?

We make no apologies for the high expectations we place on our sixth form students.

All our students must:

  • Show a positive attitude to study, and demonstrate a high level of effort and motivation
  • Communicate in a mature and respectful manner with both teachers, peers and other students
  • Be punctual at all times and strive for 100% attendance
  • Meet deadlines and complete all tasks set to a high standard
  • Develop into fully rounded individuals who are attractive to universities and prospective employers
  • Dress professionally
  • Actively involve themselves in the school and wider community
  • Balance academic study with their outside interests
  • Ensure that any paid employment outside of school does not interfere with their academic progress

What happens if a student is not achieving?

We will endeavour to ensure that parents are kept fully informed through regular feedback, Parents’ Evenings and reports. The tutor is the initial contact with regard to attendance, achievement and progress. If this does not resolve the matter, it is referred to Sixth Form Leadership team. We will also arrange meetings with parents, where appropriate, to rectify any problems that may arise during the academic year.