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External Exam Equipment

Please ensure you bring all listed equipment to EVERY exam in a clear plastic pencil case or plastic bag.

  • 12" ruler
  • Protractor
  • Compass
  • 3 x HB pencils
  • Pencil sharpener
  • 3 x black pens (must only be black)
  • Rubber
  • Highlighter pen
  • Coloured pencils (required for certain exams e.g. GCSE Textiles)
  • An exam board approved calculator (i.e. one which does not have a databank, dictionary, text facility or contain mathematical formulae)

You must not bring in gel pens, tippex or other correcting materials.

Exam Checklist

  • You are to arrive at school 15 minutes prior to an exam.
  • When taking exams, bags and coats should be left outside the room. Valuables, including mobile phones, all watches, iPods, keys should be placed in the box at the end of your row.
  • Electronic devices - Students must not have mobile phones or smart watches in their possession (either on or off). They must be placed in the box at the end of each row for safe keeping during the exam if necessary. This is very important - if a phone or smart watch is found it could result in your exam disqualification.
  • You must not have notes, MP3 players, iPods, etc in your possession.
  • You must bring a black pen, pencil, rubber and any other stationery which is required for your exam. Only clear pencil cases are allowed on your desk. Do not use gel pens - this is because many of the exam papers are now scanned and sent electronically for marking - gel pens do not scan well.
  • In an exam where you have the use of a calculator, you are not permitted to have the lid with you either on or under your desk and any data stored in the calculator must be deleted prior to entering the exam hall.
  • There is to be no talking or communication between students once you enter the exam hall. If you have any questions, you should raise your hand once seated and an invigilator will come to you.
  • Please dress sensibly for the exam. The temperature in the exam room can fluctuate enormously during the May/June time.
  • No food is allowed in the exam hall (if you have a special requirement - please see Charlotte Hallam, Exams Officer, before the exams).
  • Water bottles are allowed in the exam hall. These should be clear bottles with a spill-proof cap. There should be no label on the bottle.

Exam & Resit Timetables


10/05/21 - 14/05/21Year 12 Mock Exams
20/05/21 - 20/05/21Year 10 Exams
24/05/21 - 28/05/21Year 10 Exams

Controlled Assessments

Details will be posted here when available

GCSE & A Level Results Days

GCE (A level and AS level) results day is Thursday 13th August 2020

Results will be available to collect from the following times.

Time Form to collect results UCAS support available in the Sixth Form Common Room
08:00-08:15 13.1  
08:15-08:30 13.2 13.1
08:30-08:45 13.3 13.2
08:45-09:00 13.4 13.3
09:00-09:15 13.5 13.4
09:15-09:30 13.6 13.5
09:30-09:45 13.7 13.6
09:45-10:00   13.7

Due to Covid-19, other years will not be permitted to collect their results from school. Instead, we will post out all Year 12 results on Thursday afternoon and make them available on Edulink from 2pm.

GCSE results day is Thursday 20th August 2020

Results will be available to collect from the main hall at the following times.

Time Form to collect results
10:00-10:15 11BA1
10:15-10:30 11BA2
10:30-10:45 11BY1
10:45-11:00 11BY2
11:00-11:15 11K1
11:15-11:30 11K2
11:30-11:45 11L1
11:45-12:00 11L2

Due to Covid-19, other years will not be permitted to collect their results from school. Instead, we will post out all other results on Thursday afternoon and make them available on Edulink from 2pm.

Absent students

If students are unable to collect their results in person, and want them to be emailed or collected by another person, they must notify the Exams Office in advance in writing. If students have not already done so please ask them to send an email to Miss Hallam (hallamc@christletonhigh.co.uk) outlining their request.

Results cannot be emailed or given to a parent or other nominated person, without the written permission of the student themselves.

Results cannot be given out by telephone.

Please be aware that we cannot give any indication of when results will be emailed to students on results day other but we will endeavour to do so at our earliest opportunity.

If students elect to have their results collected by a parent, relative or friend, that person must bring photographic identification with them on the day.

Exam Contingency Day

This year’s national exam contingency day is Wednesday 24th June 2020. The contingency day has been put in place in case of national or local disruption resulting in the cancellation of exams. We have been advised that ALL STUDENTS who are taking exams this summer should be available up to and including Wednesday 24th June 2020. This is the very last date that a rearranged exam can be moved to.

External exams run from Monday 11th May - Wednesday 24th June 2020 and students must be available for all dates, regardless of their timetable. Students will receive individual timetables in April. Please be aware that there are some MFL speaking exams and BTEC exams before this period.

If you are thinking of booking a summer holiday, it’s important to ensure you book after 24th June. If an exam is rescheduled and your child is not available to sit on the rearranged date then they will be awarded zero marks for the rearranged paper(s).

If you have any questions about the Contingency Day please contact the exams office.

Exam Contingency day for 2020 is Wednesday 24th June 2020

Exam Contingency day for 2021 is Tuesday 29th June 2021

Collection of Certificates

Exam Certificates

A small number of students may find exam certificates in their results envelope; this is for courses completed during the academic year such as IFS Personal Finance or ECDL.
Certificates for GCE/GCSE will be available in school during the Autumn term, and students will be able to collect these. It is important that students arrange for their certificates to be collected if they are unable to do so. Further information regarding certificate collection will be available on the school website under "news".

Students should note that it is their responsibility to check that they have received all of their certificates and that all the grades showing are correct. This is particularly important for those who have had units or subjects remarked. If a student has any queries regarding their certificates, they should come to the Exams Office immediately.

View our Unclaimed Certificates Policy


Contact details

Tel: 01244 335843
Email: Send an email to Charlotte Hallam, Examinations Officer

Information for candidates

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