Christleton High School Students

Student Voice

Student Voice at Christleton encourages students to become actively involved in the process of decision-making. We feel it is important to have the views of our students listened to and for teachers to understand the school experience through the eyes of young people. The students try to contribute fully to matters affecting their learning, and to the key strands of Every Child Matters (ECM). Students are consulted on whole school issues, learning in the classroom, transport and healthy eating etc.

Representatives from each Form participate in a variety of ways - Year meetings, ECM working parties, surveys, SOS discussion groups, and interviews. There is peer support where older students help younger students through reading enhancement, informal pastoral care and peer mentoring.

During their time at Christleton, students will have the chance to:

  • Express their views concerning their community
  • Participate in and celebrate academic, sporting and creative activities
  • Perform or make presentations to an audience
  • Contribute to charity work
  • Develop their skills in an exciting learning environment, to prepare them for a successful future