Christleton High School Students


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School Uniform

A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students. Anyone arriving at school in non-uniform clothing may be sent home to get changed or put in isolation. Inappropriate items may be confiscated.


Smart, tailored, plain black school trousers of waist height and ankle length.

(No jeans, chinos, hipsters, skinny-fit, leg pockets)


Smart, plain black skirt of knee length - Should be worn with black opaque tights or plain black or white socks.

(No splits, tiered or tight/bodycon skirts)


White, stiff-collared shirt buttoned up, that can be tucked in. Should always be worn with the school clip-on tie.

(No tightly fitting blouses)

School-crested polo shirt during the summer term.

(Students should not wear coloured or lettered undergarments, which may be visible through their collared or polo shirts)


All black footwear with a sensible heel.

(No footwear with colour, boots, flipflops, sandals)


School-crested navy blue jumper.

(No cardigans, hooded sweatshirts or tops of sweatshirt material)

Head, Face & Hair

Clean, smart and smiling. Hair and make-up suitable for the workplace.

(No hats / baseball caps or outrageous colours and styles of hair )


Make-up should not be worn by students in Years 7 - 9. Light make-up may be worn in Years 10 -11. Nail varnish is not allowed in Years 7, 8 or 9.

(Students wearing excessively heavy make-up or coloured nail-varnish will be asked to remove it)


On the grounds of health and safety, we do not allow students to wear jewellery, with the exception of ear-studs/sleepers and a wrist-watch.


Bags should be large enough to hold files, textbooks and equipment.

Outdoor Coat

All outdoor coats must be suitable.

Sportswear and hooded tops do not constitute an outdoor coat.

Uniformity Clothing Ltd - Established 1985. Buy Uniform Online from

Uniform can be purchased from Uniformity Clothing Ltd using their online purchasing system or by visiting their shop at 22 - 26 Handbridge, Chester, CH4 TJE.

We advise you not to bring valuables to school as we cannot take responsibility for their safe keeping. All uniform must be clearly named.

Sportswear, hooded tops, caps, scarves and handbags are not part of the school uniform and should not be brought into school. These items will be confiscated by Form Tutors during registration.

Acceptable standards

All students in Years 7-11 should wear school uniform when attending school, or when participating in a school-organised event outside normal school hours. We ask all parents/carers for their support of the school uniform guidelines.

Students arriving at school in unacceptable attire, may be asked to remove the item, placed in isolation or sent home to get changed.

We hold a supply of replacement items into which students may be asked to change.

If your child finds it necessary to deviate from uniform regulations, then for KS3, a note must be written for the attention of the Form Tutor in their planner on that particular day. For KS4, a message left, or emailed to the Form Tutor.


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PE & Sports Kit

Uniformity Clothing Ltd - Established 1985. Buy Uniform Online from

Uniform can be purchased from Uniformity Clothing Ltd using their online purchasing system or by visiting their shop at 22 - 26 Handbridge, Chester, CH4 TJE.

* Mandatory

Item Item
Blue Vapour Polo Shirt * Available from Uniformity Clothing Ltd Light Blue Mercury Polo Shirt *
Blue Multi-Sport Shirt * Available from Uniformity Clothing Ltd Blue Cutro Fleece *
Blue Milan Football Shorts * Available from Uniformity Clothing Ltd Blue Response Shorts *
Blue Trinity Track Pants Available from Uniformity Clothing Ltd Netburn Skort (instead of Response shorts)
Blue/White Sport Socks * Available from Uniformity Clothing Ltd Blue Trinity Track Pants or Black Leggings
Blue/White Sport Socks *
Running Trainers * Running Trainers *
Astro Turf Trainers * Astro Turf Trainers *
Football Boots * Shin Pads *
Shin Pads *
Gum Shield (Rugby)

NB: A range of teamwear is available for purchase from school for students who are in the school teams. This is optional. Orders are placed half-termly and order forms are available from the PE Office.

Sixth Form Dress Code

All Students should be clean, smart and dressed appropriately for an educational and work environment.

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Appropriate Inappropriate
Head, Face & Hair Clean and smart. Hair and make-up suitable for the workplace
  • Hats/baseball caps
  • Facial piercings
  • Outrageous hairstyles
All Clothing Clean, smart and tidy clothes
  • Sportswear, camouflage, combat gear and tracksuit tops
  • Frays, rips & graffiti
  • Outrageous clothing
  • Full-length tops that cover the shoulders
  • Plain T-shirts/polo shirts
  • Exposed chest, shoulders and midriff
  • Large logos or slogans (including ‘offensive’ anagrams)
Trousers & Skirts
  • Plain, full-length trousers
  • Reasonable length skirts
  • Clean, smart denim
  • Shorts, cropped trousers, tracksuit & jogging bottoms
  • Very short skirts
  • Leggings
Footwear Plain, smart and unobtrusive
  • Flip-flops
  • Anything inappropriate to conditions (laboratories)

Students should be seen as clean and smart so that the right standards are set for the rest of the school.

In areas of potential uncertainty (e.g. what constitutes ‘outrageous’ clothing or hairstyle) students should check beforehand. Ultimately, the decision of the school is final.