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Things I Know To Be True - Years 12 &13 - Performing Arts trip

Things I Know To Be True -  Years 12 &13 - Performing Arts trip

(Posted on 08/11/17)

Things I Know to be True - Wednesday, November 8 2017

Years 12 and 13, BTEC Performing Arts trip to see Things I Know to be True by Frantic Assembly at the Storyhouse in Chester.

Following a hugely successful 2016 Australian and UK tour, Frantic Assembly and State Theatre Company of South Australia’s critically acclaimed Things I Know to Be True returned to delight audiences in Chester at the stunning new theatre in the heart of the city.

As beautifully touching as it is funny and bold, Things I Know to Be True tells the story of a family and marriage through the eyes of four grown siblings struggling to define themselves beyond their parents’ love and expectations. Parents Bob and Fran have worked their fingers to the bone and with their four children grown and ready to fly the nest it might be time to relax and enjoy the roses. However, the changing seasons bring home some shattering truths.

Featuring Frantic Assembly’s celebrated physicality, co-directed by Frantic Assembly’s Ton, Olivier Award nominated Artistic Director Scott Graham and State Theatre Company’s Artistic Director Geordie Brookman, Things I Know to Be True is a complex and intense study of the mechanics of a family that is both poetic and brutally frank.

This was our first Performing Arts trip to the Storyhouse and the students and staff both loved the new theatre and thoroughly enjoyed this amazing show. - Mrs de Winton.

Holly Dawson (12.2) this show moved me to tears because I felt so connected to the characters and their lives. The story line – all about family and relationships was so relatable.

Alex Roberts (12.6) this show was amazing! One of the best pieces of theatre I have ever seen. I loved all the characters and cried so much, the storyline was so sad in places.

Keane Harrison (12.3) I loved this show. The fluent movement was so inspiring and really helped us explore more physical types of performance in our lessons. I’d love to see more work by Frantic Assembly.

Callum Stock (12.6) I really enjoyed this performance, it was so inventive, the way they transitioned between scenes was so effective and helped keep the audience’s attention. I thought that the play would have a happy ending and found it interesting that the piece ended the way it did. Even though it was very sad in places, I loved this performance.

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