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TV Production at Bournemouth University with Hannah Rain

TV Production at Bournemouth University with Hannah Rain

(Posted on 17/04/18)

Hannah Rain is in her second year at Bournemouth University studying T.V Production, and absolutely loving her course. Hannah came into Art to speak to a range of students. Due to her hugely creative ideas and enthusiasm, Hannah was welcomed into Bournemouth University to study her passion. Her uncle and his career in T.V. inspired her. He has edited many popular reality T.V. shows such as ‘Celebrity Big Brother’ and is currently editing another widely watched programme ‘Ex on the Beach’.  


She was expected to have done lots of work experience prior to studying T.V Production at university and worked on big shows such as X-Factor where she helped out with Live Rehearsals. She was able to share with us, just how much work goes into a single one hour show.  


The T.V Production course consists of both, producing and directing shows, and it takes about six students to produce one shoot- it is a lot of work and, as a result, Hannah spends most of her time creating shows for assignments and meeting deadlines.


This involves postproduction editing, in which she wasn’t so confident, but the other side of production is, coming up with ideas for the shows. Hannah loves this and is very successful at it. Within one semester, Hannah’s group at university produced five shows which included predominantly children’s shows and an over forties’ game show called ‘The Pyramid’.  


In the future, Hannah sees herself working in T.V Production on high profile shows like X-Factor, but she is not, yet, entirely sure, as she wants to see where her university studies take her. Next year she is doing the second part of her course, which is called Production Management; from there she is planning to apply for an internship, but again she is keeping her options open.


As students, we found this quite reassuring, as many of us are still not sure of where our art skills could take us. Knowing that, at her stage, Hannah still has options, is reassuring. It was fascinating to gain insight into what goes on behind huge T.V shows we all watch every day and to learn just how much work goes into these productions.


Finally, as an A-Level Photography student myself, I especially found it very interesting and helpful to hear how photography can be used in so many different professions. It is very reassuring and inspiring me to think about what I could pursue with my passion for art and photography, just like Hannah!  


By Molly Smith Year 12

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