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Year 7 Camp - 27th & 28th June 2017

Year 7 Camp  - 27th & 28th June 2017

(Posted on 28/06/17)

Year 7 Camp was a trip to remember!

You should absolutely go, I promise you will have lots of fun! Here’s an insight into the time we had and some extra information for the new Year 7’s.


The activities are a big part of Year 7 Camp. Although they are about having fun, they also help you overcome fears, develop teamwork skills, improve your perseverance, resilience and make you get out of your comfort zone! There were activities like climbing, high ropes, caving, pioneering, bushcraft, archery,team building and low ropes. After we’d finished two tiring activities in the day, we would finish a great evening off with a “slightly” less physical activity. The first night, we did a scavenger hunt around the woodland. The second day we did an orienteering course and the third we had an option of playing sport, doing an activity with the cadets or watching a film. After all the activities, we sat around the campfire, sang and chanted many silly campfire songs. I think all of the activities were a great experience which we will remember for life!


The food at camp was great! As a vegetarian, I wasn’t expecting the food to be as good as the meat-eaters, but it was. Every dietary requirement had been taken into account and the meals were all filling and delicious! They varied each night and consisted of things such as pasta bolognaise, fajitas and curry. And of course, there was dessert! We had chocolate brownies (or an alternative), choc ices and cookies, but i’m sure you’ll have something just as delicious as we had.


Being in a tent with your best friends is something that really makes the trip! It’s a  good time to sit back, relax and let out all of the excitement you have built up during the day. It’s true that the teachers are a bit stricter when going to bed but they’re doing it for your benefit. We were sleeping in a tent that was quite small, which can be challenging for those who struggle in tight spaces. But as I said, staying in a small place with other people can really boost friendships and make strong ones that could potentially last for life.

I hope you enjoy Year 7 Camp as much as we did. It’s a brilliant experience that's too good to miss. Have fun!

By Kathryn Gornall (8BY2) and Evie Bradley (8BA2)


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